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Get a Moth Trap They Said

"Get a moth trap" they said

"it will be fun" they said

"you will find it interesting"

"You WILL get beetles" ok so now I am listening

"But I don't have a garden" I protest

"Run it in your spare room" they suggest

I think this is a bit nuts and I am busy with work my divided life, spent between West Yorkshire and Gloucestershire.

Anyway time passes and lockdown approaches, there is the offer of the loan of a trap (I am not one to look a gift trap in the funnel). I took possesion of the trap, what harm could it do.

They hadn't warned me about the moth trap and the attraction of its strange blue glow.

Or that it is the entomological equivalent of crack cocaine, or about sleepy wasps or that an influx of pugs is the moth version of Hitchcocks the birds.

Also I have been very disapointed with the appearance of beetles, I was only ever in it for the beetles. Those flappy scaly things are of secondary interest.

Anyway my borrowed trap in Keighley, in a house with no garden in the spare room three floors up has so far given me a reason to get up in the morning and 30 species and here are some of the moths ( all released alive and recorded as a bit of citizen science)

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